Meet the Team

Joshua White


“Music is a way for me to express my inner thoughts and feelings. You can create emotions through music that you’d never expect to discover. It puts the icing on the cake in life, movies, shows, and so much more.”

– Josh

Joshua is the founder and creator of Anchored Productions, a full-service audio, film, and photography studio based out of Greenville, South Carolina. He has been creating music since he was in high school and pursued his passions professionally by attending Full Sail University in Florida for an accelerated degree in music production. Perhaps it all started the first time Josh saw Pirates of the Caribbean in 2007. World-renowned film score and music producer Hans Zimmer was responsible for the memorable soundtrack that became more than a song whistled under his breath for decades to come–it became a calling. And, after a behind-the-scenes tour at Full Sail University, the calling became a reality.

Through his contributions as a sound engineer, Joshua won awards recognizing his ability within the Collaborators Filmmakers Challenge itself, but went on to participate on a team with an Oscar-nominated final product in the shorts category. From that point forward, Joshua carried with him the distinct notoriety of participating in a project worthy of being considered for an Oscar.

But Joshua recognized through all of the other skills he had been collecting along the way that he also had a knack for traditional photography/videography and editing it all together to make a compelling story. Storytelling, after all, is at the core of his giftings. After graduating from Full Sail and exploring job opportunities working with other production studios, Joshua launched Anchored Productions 2020, rooted in his Christian upbringing and Hebrews 6:19, “Our hope in Jesus is an anchor for our soul.” While he isn’t niching his work in the Christian production industry specifically, his faith is an important driver and he hopes “to be that anchor for people with their audio, video, and photography needs.”

Ashley Stidfole


Ashley graduated from Georgia Southern University with a major in business and communications with a minor in public relations. She brings to the table over 14 years’ experience in both Sales, Marketing, and Hospitality. Ashley has been surrounded by music her entire life. Growing up in a family where music was the start of career paths, it was inevitable that she herself would become engulfed in it. Because of her experience, drive, and creative mind, it was a no brainer when the idea of Anchored Productions sparked that she become a Partner in our journey.

“Music is more than just turning on the radio and listening to the latest hits. Music (mainly singing) is a passion of mine, and something that I want to be better at each day. Music has always been a part of my life and somewhat of an outlet for me to ‘escape.’ Having the opportunity to assist with the operations of Anchored Productions, is such a joy as it combines my excitement for music and my ambition as an entrepreneur.”

– Ashley

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